EQ Applied

If you are a formal leader, or about to become one, then this course is for you. Designed for leaders who already have a good understanding of emotional intelligence, this course dives deeper into the connections between effective leadership and EQ. Focusing on specific areas of emotional intelligence related to transformational leadership, and chock full of suggestions, tips, and tools, this course can help you to further develop your own EQ, as well as supporting others to understand and apply theirs.

While there are no specific prerequisites for this course, we encourage learners to first complete the Leader’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence course before taking this one.

Course Information

4 Modules – 23 Lessons – Approximate Average Lesson/Video Length : 9 Minutes

Total Course Time with activities – 5.5 Hours — Total Course Time Without Activities – 3.5 Hours

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Provides unlimited access to one person. Access never expires.

Module 1 – Why EQ Matters

Module 2 – Leadership Potential

Module 3 – Leadership Derailers

Module 4 – EQ In Daily Leadership